Ranking Skillz's Year-End "Rap Ups," From 2002 Through 2014

Happy New Year, fam'ron.

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A post I wrote about Timbaland and Magoo a couple days ago later got me thinking about Skillz, previously known as Mad Skillz, another V.A. flashback to the late '90s and early '00s. A ghostwriter who staked minor, niche success as a rapper in his own right, Skillz worked most notably with Puffy in Bad Boy's post-Ma$e era. Skillz's calling card, however, is the annual "Rap Up" series, in which Skillz recaps the past year via headline shout-outs, pop culture punchlines, and social media memorializations. 

As time capsules, most of these installments hold up surprisingly well. Below we've briefly ranked Skillz's rap-ups from 2002 through 2014, with Skillz having dropped his latest Rap Up just a couple days ago. Happy New Year, fam'ron.

12.) 2012

11.) 2003

10.) 2009

9.) 2004

8.) 2006

7.) 2008

6.) 2005

5.) 2010

4.) 2011

3.) 2014

2.) 2007

1.) 2002

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