Out of My Head: Five Songs I Listened to This Weekend

Thank you, Club God.

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I'm too old and washed to be attending Summer Jam, especially when there's new music from BeatKing and Kevin Gates on deck for me to bump in the comfort of my apartment. BeatKing's latest mixtape, Houston 3AM, blew the dust from my bookshelves and ceiling fan. Thank you, Club God. And thank you, Tink, for the poppingest remix of the summer so far.

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Kevin Gates "Khaza"

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Released: May 20, 2015

At Stereogum, Tom Breihan wrote about Murder for Hire at length, arguing that there's not another working artist who can outrap Kevin Gates, who excels "in the urgency department." After hearing Luca Brasi 2 late last year, I'm inclined to agree with Breihan's assessment, in recognition of the power of Gates' rapping as well as the precision of this taunts, e.g., "Hang up in his face; watch how quick he call back!" With just seven tracks, Murder is Gates' shortest project in a while and subsequently less varied than Luca Brasi 2; here Gates is mostly just banging his chest, to properly cathartic effect.

Junglepussy "You Don't Know"

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Released: May 27, 2015

Soulja Boy and Azealia Banks should form a supergroup called Junglepussy. Or, you could just listen to Junglepussy. "Open up my mouth and the truth falls out," she says about a minute after insisting that she tastes like fruit, whereas other girls taste like Chinese food.

Cousin Stizz "No Explanation"

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Released: May 31, 2015

"No Bells" is the obvious ringer off Stizz's latest, but "Fresh Prince," "Real Life," "Dumb Dope," and "No Explanation" are all delightfully hypnotic, if a bit monotonous and understated. The trumpet whimper is a slight and excellent touch here, shouts out to producer Lil Rich. Stizz reps Boston; Stizz runs Boston.

Tazer f/ Tink "Wet Dollars"

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Released: June 3, 2015

This is the remix to a U.K. dance single that doesn't really need an American rap feature but damn well benefits from Tink's uptempo, omnidextrous flow. While most of her Timbaland-assisted singles and loosies have failed to sustain interest or distinguish her talent and brand, due somewhat to a staleness of Timbaland's production, Tink and Tazer's "Wet Dollars" is truly youthful and popping.

BeatKing "Not Right"

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Released: June 4, 2015

Goddamn if BeatKing isn't a nat'l treasure who ought to be renowned for much more than his uncanny ability to write and release songs about imminent memes in realtime, faster than Wolf Blitzer can say, "We'd like to apologize to our viewers." My very favorite cuts from BeatKing's latest tape, Houston 3AM, are "Not Right," below, and "That Ain't My Thot," a heartfelt interpolation of Silkk and Mystikal's "It Ain't My Fault," obviously.

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