Premiere: Watch Chris Crack's "Ugly Versace" Video

Chris Crack's 'Public Domain 4' mixtape drops today.

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Carlton Banks and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles guest-star in Chicago rapper Chris Crack's new "Ugly Versace" music video, a beautifully strange production in which Crack's famously cold hometown is rather sunny and warm. 

The music video was produced by Born Ready Flims, a Chicago-based company that's known more for their television commercials than for their hip-hop credentials. "They heard about me and wanted to shoot a rap vid," Crack told Complex via email. "I was like 'Idk', but they the fuckin shit!"

"Ugly Versace" is a song from Crack's latest mixtape, Public Domain 4, which drops today. Stream Chris Crack's PD4 below, and peep the New Deal Crew's Soundcloud here.

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