Rihanna Eclipses Justin Bieber, Becomes YouTube's Most Viewed Artist

Another victory for Rihanna.

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Rihanna reached another milestone in her already illustrious career, passing Justin Bieber as the most viewed artist on YouTube this morning. Rihanna's official VEVO channel has 77 videos that have racked up 3.784 billion views—that's about two million more than Bieber and his 79 videos have. This is mainly due to the size and depth of Rihanna's subscription base: she has 8.73 million subscribers compared to Bieber's 4.9 million. 

In addition, Rihanna has also topped Bieber in terms of Facebook "likes," amassing 72.3 million to his 54.3 million. Bieber may have shut the game down due in terms of Twitter followers, but Rihanna's latest accomplishment is nothing to sneer at.

[via Billboard]

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