Woman Alleges R. Kelly Restrained, Drugged, and Gave Her an STD at 19

The sex cult drama continues.

This is a photo of R Kelly.

Image via Getty/Scott Legato

This is a photo of R Kelly.

R. Kelly’s prolonged saga of sexual misconduct allegations doesn’t seem to be coming to a close any time soon.

As we previously reported, the 51-year-old singer was accused of leading a sex cult in a mansion in Georgia, from which he was evicted for not paying rent. Now, one woman is claiming that Kelly held her against her will when she was 19, loaded her with illegal drugs and alcohol, and left her with an unspecified STD, as TMZ reports. The site reported the girl was "underage," but we're assuming they meant to drink alcohol—not to have sex.

Lee Merritt, the woman’s attorney, told the Washington Post that his client filed a report with the Dallas PD last week against Kelly, and that she is preparing to file a lawsuit. The woman claims she met the singer last June in Dallas when she was 19, and that he restrained her and drugged her against her will. She also claims to have contracted an STD from the alleged incident, and is therefore claiming aggravated assault. Kelly’s people deny any wrongdoing.

The woman also claims to have been in touch with the family of Joycelyn Savage. Savage’s parents believe their daughter is one of a bunch of women that Kelly turned into his sex slaves. Meanwhile, Savage told TMZ that she’s not being against her will and that the allegations are “getting out of hand” and that she’s in a “happy place with [her] life and [she’s] not being brainwashed or anything like that.” However, Savage refused to disclose where she was, if she was free to leave, or whether she was living with any other roommates.

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