Exclusive: Watch Beverly-Glenn Copeland's Incredible Lecture at the Red Bull Music Academy Weekender in Montreal

The musician talks about his amazing life and career.

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The Red Bull Music Academy Weekender in Montreal this year was an amazing few days for all that attended. Some of Canada's brightest up and coming singers, songwriters, musicians and producers descended on the city to learn from and collaborate with each other, and the weather was unusually hot for a the last weekend in September. While a good portion of the weekend was open to the public, including the performances and parties (including Moonshine), the lectures were just for Bass Camp participants and a select few other guests, meaning that only a very small group were lucky enough to witness some of the most inspirational moments of the weekend.

One such moment was the lecture from Beverly-Glenn Copeland, a musician who originally hails from Philadelphia but has made his home in Canada for a number of years. He worked on Mr. Dressup for 25 years writing songs for children, as well as recording his own material. Perhaps his most noted work is Keyboard Fantasies, which was originally recorded in 1986 but recently had a resurgence thanks to some renewed interest (the story of which he tells in the lecture as well). His music itself is striking, almost haunting—a soulful melange of musical influences from from jazz to Asian to blues and African tribal, complimented by his rich singing voice—but it's his story that will surely leave you as captivated as those in attendance were on that Sunday afternoon in Montreal.

We are happy to be able to share the exclusive stream of the lecture here on Complex. We won't give too much away, but encourage you to watch, listen and learn from this treasure of a talent—and human—about everything from finding your truth, cultivating your creativity and most importantly, trusting that everything will happen in due time. 



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