Premiere: You Need To Hear This David Bowie x Wiley Mash-Up

David Bow E3.

Image via RJ Cherry

The late, great David Bowie had a real affinity with hip-hop. And, well, just black music in general. We're not sure what his thoughts on grime would be, but something tells us that he'd be down with that too. Following the sad news of his passing, tributes have been flooding in from all over: Brixton to Brooklyn, Egypt to Edinburgh, and that's exactly where this next ode was made. RJ Cherry's a DJ based in Edinburgh, Scotland, who's created a tight mash-up of Bowie's "Let's Dance" from 1983, with grime boss Wiley's "Flying" from 2014. Two famed eccentrics uniting as one, listen to "David Bow E3" after the jump.

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