Memphis Bleek Remains Hopeful for a Jay-Z Collab Project Despite Failed Attempts: 'Something Gonna Stick One Day'

The two have worked together on several songs, including "Do My..." and "Coming of Age."

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TMZ recently caught up with Memphis Bleek outside LAX to discus s his unwavering hope to collaborate with Jay-Z once more, even as numerous attempts to reach out to his longtime friend and collaborator have apparently been turned away.

When asked about the possibility of a collab album with Jay-Z, Bleek considered the odds to be, well, bleak. It appears nothing has changed since he was delivered a brutally honest response to a fan's request for a joint project in March.

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Memphis Bleek believes Jay-Z's billionaire status makes him less likely to collaborate on new music. "I don’t think so. Hov too far gone, man," he told TMZ. "I was supposed to try this when he had $100 million, not a billion. When you got a billion, it’s hard to get you in the booth. Only his wife can do it."

According to Forbes, Hov's net worth jumped to $2.5 billion in March after Bacardi acquired a majority interest in D'usse, the cognac brand in which the 53-year-old holds a "significant ownership stake."

Before admitting that all hope is lost, Memphis Bleek struck an optimistic tone, trusting that his unrelenting effort will pay off.

“Hold [your breath], ’cause I’m trying. I still send him joints, I get shot down like a clay pigeon,” he said. “Something gonna stick one day, you know? But if we could drop an EP together, that would be—c’mon, that [would] close off the whole trilogy of the ‘Coming of Age’ story.”

After two decades, Jay-Z's 40/40 Club in New York's Flatiron District closed late last month. The club's website stated the establishment will open in a new location on February 2024.

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