Gillie Da Kid Threatens Kodak Black Over Name-Drop on "Expeditiously"

Gillie Da Kid didn't take too kindly to getting mentioned by Kodak Black on his diss track "Expeditiously," and he's ready to have his youngest son settle it.

Kodak Black attends the 4th Annual TIDAL X: Brooklyn.

Image via Getty/Mike Coppola

Kodak Black attends the 4th Annual TIDAL X: Brooklyn.

Kodak Black has unsurprisingly found himself a new enemy in Gillie Da Kid.  

As expected, Gillie was irate on his Million Dollars Worth of Game podcast with Wallo267 over Kodak mentioning him on the T.I. diss track "Expeditiously." The song features a quick line where Kodak says, "N***a waitin' on for me to fall off just like that boy Gillie," and the Philly native started his takedown of the "ZEZE" rapper by telling him that he needs to recognize and acknowledge the moments when you are wrong. 

"I come from a lane which you stand what you do," Gillie said. "If you f**k up then you acknowledged that you f**ked up. The hardest thing in life is to do is say players f**k up to, accept responsibility." 

“N***as hate to accept responsibility, but we gon’ hold you accountable for it," he adds. "RIP to Nipsey man, to that youngin' Kodak Black, man smarten up." After getting dragged by damn near the entire hip-hop community for speaking about his plan to romantically pursue Lauren London one week after Nipsey Hussle was fatally shot, Kodak issued a statement where he semi-apologized for his remarks while claiming that he said nothing wrong. 

Since Kodak doesn't appear to be learning with words, Gillie is willing to introduce him to his 19-year-old son. "You disrespecting me on a song. That sh*t don't mean nothing to me because the bottom line is, I got a 19-year-old son that if I put you and him in a room together, he'll be the dog sh*t out you," he states. "And that's on everything I love. He would beat the dog sh*t out you. I don't wanna hear, 'Yeah he grew up boxing.' If I put you and my youngest son in a room together, mano y mano, he would beat diarrhea sh*t down your leg." 

Check out the clip below. 

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