Cops Execute Search Warrant At Justin Bieber's Home To Find Out If He is a Teen

Did Justin Bieber egg a house? Is he 19?

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Is Justin Bieber a teenager? According to TMZ, the LAPD is currently at the singer's L.A. crib intending to answer that exact question and they brought a battering ram— a battering ram!—just to be safe. Last Thursday, Bieber allegedly egged his neighbor's house, which seems like typical hijinks for a 19-year-old, let alone one who grew up as a coddled celebrity without a real adolescence.

Bieber's neighbors—who apparently got into a screaming match with the singer—called the cops, who are now apparently treating the incident as the second coming of the search for Christopher Dorner. According to the report, the LAPD served Bieber a felony search warrant to dig for evidence relating to... the throwing of eggs. They will be looking at security camera footage and, again, they brought a BATTERING RAM... just in case Bieber has a padlock over his refrigerator or something?

The damage from the incident is reportedly over $20,000, though something tells us that the kid who lets Lil Twist mash up his Chrome Fisker Karma won't care too much about dropping a few racks to repair some French doors.

That said, Justin, here's some advice: DON'T EGG YOUR NEIGHBOR'S HOUSE. What the hell is wrong with kids these days?

[via TMZ]

UPDATE 1/14/2014 3:06:Lil Za, a friend of Bieber's, was arrested during the "raid" for possession of cocaine, which cops said was in "plain view." Bieber was not apprehended for that or anything else— at least at the moment. To the Weed Carrier Hall of Fame goes Lil Za.

[via TMZ]

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