The Boy Who Went Viral Off His "Shake It Off" Dance Finally Got His Shot With Taylor Swift

Dylan's "Shake It Off" video has 6.3 million views on Facebook.

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Taylor Swift is no stranger to her fans. The mega-successful singer has a long history of going above and beyond for her fans from donating $50,000 to a fan with cancer to helping a young student pay off her student loans. She also loves to show support for her diehard devotees—from wearing a sweater one college student spent eight months knitting for her on Instagram to tweeting out fan-made videos to her 63.8 million Twitter followers. 

Today, Taylor is back at her do-good ways and making another fan's day. This time, it was 7-year-old Dylan, who went viral when he posted a video of himself dancing to "Shake It Off" to his Facebook page as the "Red Headed Persian Entertainer." It currently has 6.3 million views. It didn't take long for Ellen Degeneres to come knocking, inviting the young boy to be on her show where he put on another rousing rendition. In his final step to internet greatness, the queen of 1989 herself met up with Dylan to dance to "Shake It Off" one more time together.

And here's Dylan's original dance on Ellen last week.

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