Stitches Channels Adele's "Hello" for His Drug Dealer Confessional "One Million Dimes"

Because nothing rhymes with "time" like "dimes." Adele's "Hello." On his latest track titled "One Million Dimes," he flips the song & interjects his own lyrics.

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Stitches has found inspiration from a place no one expected: Adele's "Hello." On his latest track titled "One Million Dimes," he flips the song and interjects his own lyrics about his drug-selling past into the melody. "I must have sold a million dimes/I was selling drugs all the time/And I’m sorry mama, for the pain you went through/I’m sorry, I promise what I did was for you," he sings on the chorus. Yes, he rhymes "dimes" with "time." This is a little different from Adele's version about 1,000 phone calls, to say the least. 

Even with the explicit lyricism, there's still a positive message to take away from the song about buying gifts for your kids instead of buying diamonds for yourself. There is no way we were expecting something like this from the Miami rapper who is clearly just like the rest of us in being unable to escape Adele's power. Still, the whole thing is pretty absurd. It's hard not to imagine Stitches sitting at his computer with Adele on repeat hammering out the lyrics to his new song. The uplifting performance is just one more way the rapper seems to be trying to make a positive change in his life. In January, Stitches actually signed with the Game's manager after a violent fight between the two landed them in the hospital. This song might mean he is just trying to leave his old life in the past. Watch him hit the beach and drive around Miami in the song's official video above.

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