Slim Thug Slams Troy Ave Over T.I. Concert Shooting That Left 1 Dead

Slim Thug slammed Troy Ave over the T.I. concert shooting at Irving Plaza that left one dead.

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Slim Thug is calling out Troy Ave over the shooting at Irving Plaza earlier this week that left one dead and three injured. “You new niggas ain’t that smart, man. You new niggas be doin’ a lot of dumb shit,” he says in a video posted to Instagram that has since been deleted.

Thug goes on to call Troy dumb for bringing the gun in the club, noting video would catch him in the act especially since people know who he is. He ends his note with a warning to stop doing "dumb shit." "This not Belly. You can’t just walk in there and chop it up and get away, it ain’t real. Wake up young niggas, y’all too dumb. Get out the dumb shit and do some smart shit.”

Troy has since been arrested for attempted murder following the deadly shooting Wednesday night.

Rapper Maino, who was at Irving Plaza to perform that night, released a statement on Instagram denying reports that himself or his entourage were involved in the shooting or had any beef with Troy Ave. However, some news outlets are reporting that the shooting was the result of an argument between Maino and Troy Ave's crews in the green room that spilled out into the main area of the venue on the third floor.

The shooting resulted in the death of Ronald "BSBBanga" McPhatter, a member of Troy's entourage, and the wounding of three others, including Troy, who was grazed in the leg.

Slim Thug has since shared a few tweets and an Instagram video clarifying his comments, which you can view below.

Wow I had no idea the media would repost my Ig video to the world let me be regular please
Wasn't tryna diss Troy Ave or his crew just hate to see young ppl who getting money go to jail prayers to his loved ones

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