Rich the Kid's Wife Says He Physically Abused Her During 3-Year Relationship

Rich the Kid's wife, Lady Luscious, claims that he was physically abusive during their three-year relationship.

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Rich the Kid's wife, Lady Luscious, is calling out the rapper, claiming that domestic abuse and infidelity caused the pair to split.

In a sit down with The Shade Room, Luscious alleged that Rich had been physically and verbally abusive throughout their three-year relationship, and that was ultimately the reason she filed for divorce. She has since removed him from her LA home and moved back to Atlanta.

Luscious' sister later posted graphic photos of the alleged abuse on Instagram with several pictures of Luscious looking visibly beaten. "I see so many people writing goals under other ppl relationship post/pictures but you never really know what goes on behind the scenes," she captioned the photo. "My sister @realladyluscious is married to @richthekid a rapper who ppl look up to that degrades and disrespect her as if he doesn't even know he's married and has two kids (one on the way.)" 

Rich went to Atlanta to get his family back, according to Luscious, but he has been publicly denying knowing Elle or abusing her. He posted a video claiming that she stole $2,500 from his bank account and that she's now just lashing out since he won't pay her car note. "I don't know what the fuck they talking about," he told his fans in a video where he denied every physically harming women. "Beat up, female, black what. No, I don't do that. I would never put my hands on a female in my life."

For her part, Luscious shot back by sharing the pair's marriage license and a video of a message the rapper left on her voicemail while claiming that he has been calling her and her mom all morning. Someone from Rich's Rich Forever Music team told Complex, "It is fake. He's just got back from Paris," while Rich the Kid explicitly told XXL in a statement that "This is a false allegation. I would never and have never hit a female."

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