Martin Shkreli Pleads the Fifth When Asked About Wu-Tang Clan at a Congressional Hearing

He's currently being investigated for fraud.

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Controversial pharmaceutical bro and Wu-Tang Clan album owner Martin Shkreli refused to testify at a congressional hearing earlier today. Shkreli, who is currently being investigated under charges of fraud, was subpoenaed by the House of Representatives oversight committee who criticized him for increasing the price of the HIV drug Daraprim by 5,000%, according to The Guardian. As Shkreli was asked questions, he continually invoked the fifth amendment and declined to answer questions to avoid any chance of incriminating himself. 

Then, South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy said, "We can even talk about the purchase of Wu-Tang Clan—is that the name of the album? The name of the group?" Shkreli pleads the fifth, inciting Gowdy to respond, "I am stunned that a conversation about an album he purchased could possibly subject him to incrimination." Lawmakers proceeded to ask Shkreli if he felt that he had done anything as Shkreli continued to smirk and stay silent for the first time in his life. Watch him get asked about Wu-Tang Clan at the 3:40 mark.

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