Judge Denies Kesha's Injunction to Be Released From Her Recording Contract

The injunction asked that Kesha be released from her contract with her alleged abuser Dr. Luke.

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Kesha appeared in court today for her long-awaited hearing against producer Dr. Luke, who she filed a lawsuit against in 2014 for sexual assault and battery. Earlier this week, Kesha opened up about her nerves regarding the case on Instagram and told fans that she has "nothing left to hide." Dozens of fans gathered outside the New York City courthouse this morning and welcomed Kesha as she arrived. 

At court, the judge immediately addressed Kesha's preliminary injunction in which she asked to be released from her contract with Dr. Luke's Kemosabe Records label, which is under Sony Records. He denied the injunction stating there is "no evidence" of Luke's abuse, according to a series of tweets from Buzzfeed News reporter Mary Georgantopoulos. Kesha's lawyer argued that the company is "setting her up to fail." In response, the judge questioned the idea that a music label as competitive as Sony would not want a financial return on their investment, according to Georgantopoulos. Sony’s lawyer added, “Our interest is in her success. Our interest in in Dr. Luke’s success. They are not in the least bit mutually exclusive.” Luke's lawyers argued that he invested $60 million in her career and that the producer had agreed to allow her to record without his involvement, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The judge said that this "decimates" Kesha's argument.

Ultimately, the judge asked for more details about the alleged assaults, including where and when they happened. The verdict on the counterclaims will be determined after the lawyers file more information at a later date. Georgantopoulos’ tweets detailing Kesha's day in court are below.

#freekesha supporters are outside the Manhattan courthouse waiting for today's hearing. pic.twitter.com/q1i2LFMxEQ
#freekesha supporters singing outside the courthouse https://t.co/WlqpPfQl14
First motion court is discussing is the preliminary injunction, in which #Kesha has asked to get out of her contract with Dr. Luke.
Judge says Sony has given #Kesha the opportunity to record w/ no involvement from Dr. Luke. @markgeragos calls it an "elusive promise"
#Kesha's lawyer says even w/ new Sony offer, "they're setting her up to fail" bc they won't promote her music. Says Sony sided w/ Dr Luke.
Judge: You’re asking me to presume an entity like Sony, who is in competitive position ... will not want to make money on their investment.
#Kesha sitting in the back of the courtroom, sobbing. Her mom is by her side.
Sony lawyer: "Our interest ins in her success. Our interest in in Dr. Luke’s success. They are not in the least bit mutually exclusive."
Sony lawyer says an injunction would "turn the law on its face." #Kesha
#Kesha's motion for preliminary injunction denied. "There has been no showing of irreparable harm. She’s being given opportunity to record."
Judge reserves on motion to dismiss counterclaims until lawyers file with more information.
#Kesha greeted, hugged her crying fans outside the courtroom.
Should clarify: judge asked for more details about alleged assaults including where and when they happened. #kesha
The judge couldn't make a decision today. The verdict is TBA in writing. We're disappointed but we will NOT stop fighting for her #FreeKesha

Twitter has erupted in light of the judge's ruling against Kesha.

Awful, awful news. She may not have the law's support (😡), but she's certainly got mine and her fans' #FreeKesha
I don't even know what to say about this, this is just horrible #FreeKesha
This is exactly why rape victims don't speak up. They're being made fun of here and being called liars and blamed. Disgusting. #FreeKesha
Working with your rapist, having to see them every day, being reminded of what they did to you IS NOT A SAFE WORK ENVIRONMENT. #FREEKESHA
She loves us. The ruling was not decided today. We keep fighting #FreeKesha pic.twitter.com/RJYLHanjLA

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