Fall Out Boyz II Men Is the Mashup Band You Never Knew You Needed

They performed "Motownphilly" for Jimmy Kimmel's latest 'Mashup Monday.'

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Jimmy Fallon may no longer have a monopoly on making memorable musical moments on late night. Last night, Boyz II Men and Fall Out Boy came together in musical matrimony to perform together as Fall Out Boyz II Men. The mashup was the latest in a series of joint performances done for Jimmy Kimmel's 'Mashup Mondays' installment that previously gifted us with Warren G and Kenny G andMorris Day and HAIM.

Together, Fall Out Boyz II Men took on "Motownphilly," a classic from the R&B group's catalog. Their live rendition may not compare to the original, but it's great when two artists from different genres and eras can come together for a special performance like this. Watch the full performance above. 

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