DJ Khaled Reveals He Has an "Anthem" Coming With Kendrick Lamar

In a new interview with J Cruz on The Cruz Show, Khaled reveals he is staying in touch with Top Dawg Entertainment on the potential collab with Kendrick Lamar.

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It sounds like DJ Khaled is cooking up something huge with Kendrick Lamar. In a new interview with J Cruz on The Cruz Show, Khaled reveals, "I am talking to Kendrick Lamar about an anthem that I want him on. He waiting on me actually. I told him I was tweaking something, 'cause I want to present it where the mic just automatically comes on." When giving an update on the progress of the collaboration, Khaled says it is still in the early stages. "Me and Kendrick been talking about it. I've seen him a few times since I've been out here. I've been staying in touch with Top Dawg [Entertainment]." 

Of course, the rapper also went on to discuss the key to social media and Snapchat, including his recent post with Kim Kardashian. When asked when he realized Snapchat was the key, Khaled says it was after the jet ski situation when he got lost at sea. "You can't drive and tweet. Plus, it's got the flash, you know what I'm saying? So I can see a little vibe." After that, his Snap habits picked up because he was on a break from work and was enjoying being home for the holidays. Ultimately, it was when he went to the Apple store to get his phone fixed that he realized he was getting a new kind of energy from people as the store became so packed with fans that it had to close. Watch the full interview above and peep the news about working with Kendrick at the nine minute mark.

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