Chris Brown’s Tour Manager Quit After He Allegedly Threatened Her, Report Says

Chris Brown's tour manager is the latest person on his team to quit after he allegedly threatened her, according to a report.

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Chris Brown's female tour manager allegedly quit on the spot after a drug-fueled outburst from Brown left her feeling unsafe back in May. According to TMZ, it all went down during Brown's European tour, which is when Nancy Ghosh claimed Brown cursed her out over the terms of her employment, which led her to jump off the tour bus and quit the job altogether.

Ghosh reportedly then emailed Brown's entire team to explain what went down and claimed that she felt unsafe because Brown was "irrational and high on drugs." She also claimed Brown referenced "what he did to Mike G" and threatened to do the same to her, which is why she decided it was in the best interest of her safety to get off the tour bus immediately. There's also a report that Brown received a similar complaint from a lawyer who represents one of Brown's tour production managers claiming he was being verbally abusive.

If you're not familiar, reports have recently surfaced that Brown brutally attacked his manager, Mike G, who in turn filed a lawsuit against Brown. However, Brown shared a different side to the story in a video post and alleged that Mike G was just angry he had been fired after Brown noticed that Mike G had been stealing money.

Brown has not addressed the report and seems to be in good spirits, according to his latest posts on social media. Monday morning, he shared a quick picture of him relaxing by the pool with some female friends just taking it easy. Brown's camp did not immediately respond to Complex's request for comment.


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