Beyoncé Reportedly Asked to Use a News Anchor's Anti-Beyoncé Rant for the "Formation" Tour

Tomi Lahren's video criticizing Beyoncé's Super Bowl halftime performance went viral back in February.

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Beyoncé reportedly asked news anchor Tomi Lahren for rights to her rant criticizing her Super Bowl halftime performance for the Formation World Tour. Queen Bey's team reportedly sent a letter to TheBlaze, the network that produces Tomi, asking for the rights to the audio and video of the first 30 seconds of her rant, according to TMZ. Her answer was a clear cut no. Publicly, Tomi told her followers on Twitter, "Not gonna be a part of a massive race bait."

If you don't remember, Tomi was the conservative news anchor that ripped Beyoncé for her Super Bowl performance. In her rant, Tomi argued Beyoncé ripped "off the historical band-aid" on America's civil rights movement by referencing the Black Panthers in her performance. “Now the Super Bowl halftime show has become a way to politicize and advance the notion that black lives matter more," she said at the time. We may not get Tomi's speech in the tour, but we will be getting the major addition of DJ Khaled on a few select dates. You can see what those very key dates of the tour are here.

Not gonna be a part of a massive race bait.

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