Azealia Banks Is Under Investigation For Attacking Security Guards in Los Angeles

The entire thing was caught on tape.

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It hasn't been too long since Azealia Banks last ran into trouble on an airplane after an incident with a flight attendant exploded into a physical altercation. While no charges were pressed last time, Azealia's latest incident has resulted in a criminal investigation.

In new footage obtained by TMZ, a security guard was trying to kick Azealia out of Break Room 86. The security guard claims that Azealia tried pulling the fire alarm as she was exiting, which is when things got physical. Azealia's crew jumped in the struggle and Azealia began throwing punches. The LAPD has reportedly opened a criminal battery investigation into the matter and Banks has since canceled the rest of her upcoming tour dates. Watch it all go down in the security footage below. 

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