Ariana Grande Shares Personal Apology Video About #Donutgate

Ariana Grande gets personal in new apology video and how she really feels about being an American.

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Following an official statement from Ariana Grande (and her PR team) that addressed that whole donut situation (without addressing the licking), Ariana took to her personal YouTube channel to apologize to all of her fans. At first it seemed like just a funny, weird story, but apparently now the police are involved as the video is under investigation for "malicious licking."

While she still isn't specifically addressing the licking or near licking in the apology (most likely for legal reasons), the singer gets more personal in her video acknowledging that the statement primarily focused on childhood obesity and not about how she felt. In this video, Ariana states she's never been prouder to be an American given our accomplishments these past couple of weeks. She also talks about how embarrassed and ashamed she's been, what the past 24 hours have been like and how seeing herself behaving badly provided a "wake up call." Will this mean one less problem for the singer? Watch her apology video and decide for yourself.

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