Ariana Grande Confirms She Is Dating Mac Miller

Ariana Grande finally confirms she is dating Mac Miller while on 'Ellen.'

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Ariana Grande stopped by Ellen Wednesday and finally confirmed what many have been suspecting for some time: her and Mac Miller are dating. 

"This is so crazy. I've never had the relationship talk on a show before," Grande responded when Ellen DeGeneres pressed her about the rumored romance. DeGeneres brought up a video of the two performing their collaboration "The Way" on her show three years ago before asking Grande if she is with him and is happy. "Oh yeah," Grande responded before shyly ducking under her sleeves.

Complex recently met up with rapper where the topic of their budding romance collaboration came up since Grande is featured on Miller's new album track, "My Favorite Part." "We work really well together," he told Complex. "We had a lot of fun in the studio. And I incredible of a singer she is. Our writing chemistry is amazing. Our song came together so nicely and our voices sound so nice together...You'd expect to hear us sing together and go, 'She makes him sound like an idiot.'"

Miller's right—it's pretty hard to deny the pair's chemistry when they were spotted making out at a sushi restaurant and hanging at a VMAs after party. They've also been popping up all over each other's Instagram, so you know it's got to be real. He even admitted that he is a one girl type of a guy. "I tried being this guy who goes around fucking a bunch of girls, but it's not me. I'm a lover. Sliding into DMs doesn't sound fun to me."

Watch Grande confirm the new relationship above and read our full interview where we got to know Mac Miller a lot better right here. Grande also performed a medley of her songs "Into You" and her newest Nicki Minaj collaboration, "Side to Side," which you can watch below.

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