Sipprell's Soulful 'Letter D' EP Is Out Now And You Can Stream It Here

The south London singer delivers a stellar debut project.

Image via iTunes

South London singer-songwriter Sipprell's hotly-anticipated EP, Letter D, has arrived, and you can now stream it in full. The debut 4-tracker includes "Essence", which we've had on repeat since September, and the title of the set carries a significance as Sipprell says her "most significant experiences in love and desire have been with people whose names begin with the letter D." The EP is a window into Sipprell's musical world, and when describing the recording process, she explained:

"I recorded all the vocals in my bedroom, where I could capture the best vibe and get my most natural performances. I've loved being able to be completely creatively free with no specific agenda other than writing from an honest place. At the start of making Letter D, I had the support and encouragement from my late brother, Vince, who added some viola to the production of 'Curious'. Having his imprint on the EP makes it really precious to me. There's a lot of underlying emotion behind these songs and I hope people can relate to them in some way."

Letter D is out now on iTunes and Bandcamp.

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