Travi$ Scott: "I Don't Really Get Too Involved With The Whole Political Sh*t"

Travi$ Scott grants an interview with Clique TV.

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Travi$ Scott has been posting up plenty of pictures of his recent visit to Paris during the city's renowned Fashion Week, and, as HNHH​ points out, while overseas he sat down with Clique for one of his most in-depth interviews since the release of his debut album, Rodeo. Early on in the sitdown Scott was asked about his take on the more than year-long unrest and protests in Ferguson, Mo following the police killing of unarmed teen Michael Brown last year. "I don't really get too involved with like the whole political shit," he says. "That shit's like all too weird and shit for me...It's like the second Saturday, are motherfuckers still in Ferguson? I don't think so but I'm pretty sure niggas' lot[s] are still burnt the fuck down and niggas' cribs are like fucked up now...Now a neighborhood that was probably like once good is now a ghetto."

When asked about his intentions with Rodeo and his music more generally, Scott offered, "It's like the inner child beast, man. It's kinda like that person that might be misunderstood, might be mistook as an asshole or taken as a mean person or rude person. But it's really just like super energized. I'm just here for good times, and I want people to have the best time ever, especially if they're around me."

Elsewhere in the interview Scott talks at length about the motivation he's gleaned from his older brother, who is autistic, his affinity for porn, not wanting to be considered a traditional "hip-hop artist," and plenty more.  Watch the whole thing below.

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