Travi$ Scott's 'Rodeo' Finally Has A Release Date

Travi$ Scott anounces his album release date during a recent concert.

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Given all the pump-fakes thus far we'll have to exercise some caution about the news, but Travi$ Scott reportedly just announced that his debut album Rodeo will be released on September 4th. The news came from Scott himself during a live show earlier tonight and follows speculation that the record was set to be released this week. Notably, the September 4th date coincides with the recent industry shift towards Friday as an international release day. 

An Instagram user caught the announcement on his cell phone and in the clip Scott seems to say, "I'm working on my album Rodeo right now in New York. My album's coming out September 4th. I just finalized that date right now." 

A couple days ago Scott also linked to a post from Mike Dean apparantly announcing that the album was currently being mastered.

RT @therealmikedean: @trvisxx days before rodeo time.< mastering master

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