Gucci Mane To Release An Autobiography "Within The Next Year"

Gucci Mane announces his next endeavor: an autobiography.

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Gucci Mane has had a busy summer. Even though he's still in jail the Trap House rapper dropped off (yet) another mixtape in July, announced plans to release his first movie this fall, and even joined LinkedIn last month. Today we also got a new Gucci Mane verse on Rick Ross' latest single as well as an announcement that he plans to release an autobiography.

News of the autobiography came via Gucci's admirably active Twitter account earlier today. So far all we know is that the biography is in the works and should be released within a year, which gives us all plenty of time to digest everything else Gucci does from now until then.

Check out the Tweets below.

An autobiography of the life of Guccimane is also on the horizon and will be released within the next year.
Gucci is looking to capitalize off of all avenues from merchandising and touring, to social media, endorsements, and television.
Gucci loves and thrives on developing talent and has worked with many of the top superstars who currently dominate radio.
He has been called the most influential artist of this generation and definitely is one of the most prolific.

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