10 Year Old Asks Iggy Azalea The Tough Question

Iggy Azalea gets mroe than she bargained for at the Nickelodeon Red Carpet, when a 10 year old ask about her plastic surgery.

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Iggy Azalea confessed to Vogue Magazine that she recently acquired breast implants, an operation that she thought about getting her entire life. It was a heartfelt admission that she was afraid might have an adverse affect on her career or fan base, but was so successful she had to tell the world. While she may be ready to tell the world, she definitely did not anticipate having to answer to a young reporter at the Nickelodeon Awards.


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Yes, you read that right, the Nickelodeon Awards. The award show that is catered to children and young adults; where winners, losers, and innocent bystanders are slimed without warning. Somehow, ExtraTV found a  way to spice up this quirky G-Rated affair.

While on the red carpet, General Hospital star Nicholas Betchel was the field correspondent for Extra TV, interviewing a number of celebrities and charming fans. However, when it came time to ask Ms. Azalea a question, he and the producers skipped the entire innocent routine. Betchel asked "Alright, so...you talked about getting some work done. Why did you feel the need to be open and tell people?" Iggy was understandably stunned and responded with "I didn't think you'd be the one asking me this question." 

Azalea's and Betchel's exchange was more than a little awkward, but quite short as well. It was a strange interaction to say the least. 

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