Trillary Banks’ ‘90s Baby’ Is A Call-Back To The Golden Age Of Mixtapes

As the title suggests, it’s a celebration of the rap scene and infrastructure that raised a lot of us; even featuring MykalMillion as the tape’s host.

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Last year, Leicester rap queen Trillary Banks kept us well fed with a steady run of bangers including “Last Man Standing”, “Good Good”, and “268 Badness” with Antiguan’s Jay Abnormal, Prezident Lani and Ree ZP. Now she’s back to put a stamp on 2022 as she shares her brand new mixtape, ‘90s Baby.

As the title suggests, ‘90s Baby is a celebration of the hip-hop classics that raised a lot of us, and even features legendary mixtape host Mykal Million, who guides us from track to track and introduces each featured artist. Speaking of which, she’s called on an extensive cast of characters that includes Squeeks, Dibo Brown, Remtrex, Queen Millz, Pariz1, Morgan Munroe, Ampichino, Steff, Kamar, Skinz, Park Hill, OTT Remii, Jaja Soze, and Hurricane Hunt.

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