Stepz Taps Fizzler For New Grime-Tinged Heater “Pacman”

Inspired by the world's most famous ghost-muncher, it comes with a cartoon-like visual where the two masked upstarts play cops and robbers in their ends.

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The sample drill debate may still be raging, but it seems there’s still fun to be had judging by UK rap risers Stepz and Fizzler’s new single, “Pacman”.

As you’ve probably guessed, it’s the world’s most famous circular ghost-muncher who’s been mined for the track’s central melody by producer Jojo F. Set against sharp bass stabs, this one’s built more for phone speakers than soundsystems, giving it the perfect format to spread far and wide in the digital world.

Playing to the track’s playful energy—which definitely draws from classic grime—director Don Prod follows the pair in bright, Pacman yellow tracksuits as they make their escape from the police in a cops-and-robbers escapade through the labyrinthine housing estate.

“Turning my vision into a reality has been the greatest process in my career this year,” Stepz tells Complex. “Sky’s the limit! Welcome to my new sound: ‘animated rap.’”

Peep the “Pacman” visuals above and be sure to add the song to your playlists.

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