Premiere: Sipprell Confronts Her Emotional Barriers On "Like We Don't Care"

The reclusive singer-songwriter maintains her ability to dig deep into her soul while remaining reserved in nature.


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Paradoxically, London-born singer-songwriter Sipprell is known both for her reserved nature and her ability to bare her soul by incisively exploring deeply personal issues.

2018 single "Personal" saw her dive into the subject of her late brother while her new single, "Like We Don't Care", puts its focus on her relationship with her mother. Although the concept focuses around something unique to her, the wider themes of the track can easily be applied to us all. As she explains in greater detail below, "Like We Don't Care" is as much about the emotional barriers we put up and the way we tend to protect ourselves from our own feelings and conversations we might be afraid to have.

"I wrote 'Like We Don't Care' about my relationship with my mother, but more generally, it's about emotional barriers and how we avoid confronting our feelings," Sipprell told Complex via email. "I like it when listeners can find their own meaning in my music and relate in their own way. The initial idea came from a session with George Moore, one of my favourite composers. I was nervous and excited to work with George; he co-wrote one of my favourite songs of all time in Kwabs' 'Perfect Ruin'. George wrote the first chord sequence and I loved it, so we stuck with it. I wrote the chorus during the session and then took it home to spend time on the verses. Once the structure was down, I took it to Chloe Martini who took on the main production—she brought a sick new vibe to the track—and had Alex Bofanti replace the synth bass with live bass, and I added some strings in the second verse that Chloe made sound like synths."

Listen exclusively below.

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