Premiere: Listen to Formation's Remix of Shura's "Indecision"

The official single is out now.


Shura grabbed a considerable amount of attention recently with her minimal remix of Jessie Ware's "Say You Love Me", and now she returns with a remix of her official new single, "Indecision"—a decidedly more upbeat effort that has been given a bass-driven electro edge from producer, Formation. Formation's remix sees a Gang Of Four style bass lick swing and pop beneath a silky disco melody and some airy vocals, all articulated through organic sounds with plenty of body.

The refrain is uplifting in tone but melancholic in subject matter as Shura presses for a decision from her lover: "Tell me why we can't make this work / It may be over but there's something you should know / You've got my love boy, you've got my love." Take a listen to Formation's remix of "Indecision" by Shura below, and grab a copy of the original here.

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