Premiere: RJ Cherry Just Turned Jme And Jimi Hendrix Into A Moshpit Class

Jme will mashup a grime set, house set, dubstep or Hendrix.

RJ Cherry   Jme Hendrix


RJ Cherry   Jme Hendrix

Following David Bowie's tragic passing at the top of the year, mashup don RJ Cherry spliced together Bowie's "Let's Dance" with the grime godfather Wiley's 2014 cut "Flying". Today, he's bringing us a new sonic portmanteau. Once again dipping into the worlds of grime and classic rock, Cherry has seamlessly mashed together BBK stalwart Jme's "If You Don't Know", with Jimi Hendrix's iconic "Voodoo Chile". And, just like the others, it's an absolute gem.

RJ Cherry told Complex that he's been putting together these remixes "partly because it shows off my influences, and partly because people associate me with these wordplay mashups now. Jme Hendrix was a no brainer; it's just a bonus they worked so well together because, more often than not, they don't and get scrapped." While mashups often get a bit of a bad rap from certain quarters, you have to at least concede this makes it super tempting to bring more guitars into grime.

I do love a clever pun. 'Jme Hendrix' is definitely levels. Sick idea for a bootleg. RJ Cherry? @SianAnderson @1Xtra

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