Premiere: Jonny Reebok Calls On NTS Regular Peach To Rework Debut Single "Aphrodite Dub"

The new remix officially drops tomorrow, October 28.

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Just a couple of months ago, UK-born, Sydney-based producer Jonny Reebok made his grand, official debut with "Aphrodite Dub" / "Ghost Town Riddim", the A-side of which was a painstakingly detailed ode to the UK's underground club culture. Now he's revisiting the track, calling on NTS regular Peach to reinterpret it with a fresh new remix.

Stirring together garage, jungle, house music and a touch of UK funky, the original sounded like the post-rave afterglow, when you've hopped from club to club and it's all swirling around in your head for the next few days. Peach's version, however, feels like a splash of cold water to the face, sending both the track and the listener hurtling back to the dancefloor with a jackin house beat and some revitalising melodies.

"Aphrodite Dub" / "Ghost Town Riddim" is out now. Listen to Peach's remix of "Aphrodite Dub" at the top before that drops tomorrow, October 28.

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