Premiere: El'Vee's "Money" Is The New Soundtrack To The Never-Ending Hustle

"Money slow to enter / money quick to go"

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Just over a year since their last single, "My Butter", UK-based duo El'Vee are back with their new single, "Money", with the promise that there's plenty more to come in 2020. Produced by Tiwezi, "Money" injects a touch of house music into their driving Afrobeats sound for a track that's crying out to be heard in a live setting. Although it could be a while before we get to experience that, the pair have at least given us some visuals to tide us over. Shot out in Lagos, Nigeria, where the pair like to make regular trips, the video captures the tireless energy of a thriving city filled with countless faces on their daily grind, just trying to get by. 

El'Vee told Complex via email: "Two problems we must eradicate from the world today are poverty and racism because their very existence propagates an injustice that is damaging to the essence of our humanity. With the 'Money' video, we really wanted to highlight the necessity of money as a commodity and how the lack of it to build the necessary infrastructures to permeate growth and change can lead to not just an impoverished society, but to a nation characterised by people who are unable to fulfill their true potential." 

Watch the visuals for "Money" exclusively above.


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