Premiere: Dexplicit Reveals "Aerospace" From New 'Digital Monk' EP On E.M.M.A's Pastel Prism Label

An atmospheric yet club-worthy offering from one of the finest producers this country has to offer.


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One of the finest producers this country has to offer, Dexplicit continues to set pace for his peers. That continues to this very day with the announcement that he'll be releasing his new EP, Digital Monk, via fellow producer E.M.M.A's Pastel Prism label. Ahead of that, he's just liberated the EP's second single, "Aerospace", following the release of the title track on Monday.

Cinematic in scope and scale, "Aerospace" is testament to Dexplicit's constantly evolving sound, which in this instance incorporates ghostly choirs, chrome synths and an all-consuming wall of bass. Lately, Dexplicit's been exploring everything from chilling atmospherics to speaker-bursting club music, often on the same track, and always with a disregard for genre classifications; so it really is anyone's guess what the rest of the EP has in store.

Speaking with Complex via email, DXP said: "I think the reason why this track is more solemn than the rest of EP is that I built it at the peak of lockdown. There was a lot going on. The whole world practically stopped—we'd never seen that before, and I'd never felt that before. All we were hearing about was people were dying and that wildlife was coming out more; it was quite a weird place. 'Aerospace' came out of that."

"Aerospace" officially arrives on Aug. 10 followed by the Digital Monk EP on Aug. 17.

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