Premiere: The Square's DeeJillz Links Up With Darkstar For "Strobe Mountain"

Glistening, spacious grime poetry


Image via Jack Cullis


No Hats No Hoods has always been a go-to for stand-out grime releases, and their latest drop is no different. "Strobe Mountain" comes from The Square's DeeJillz who's hooked up with electronic duo Darkstar for a glistening, spacious bit of grime poetry. Darkstar (who will be releasing their Made To Measure EP on July 25) give "Strobe Mountain" a metallic, space-age R&B beat (and additional vocals) for DeeJillz to ride as he tells us about the darker sides of life and the harrowing sights you can see day to day. It's a more conscious effort than you might expect, but it's good to see the different personalities emerging from The Square.

UPDATE (June 28): The video has now landed.

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