Mahalia Taps Rico Nasty For "Jealous", Shares 'Belly'-Inspired Visuals

In an unexpected twist for 2021, we see a tougher side of Mahalia, while Rico tempers her usually punk rock flow for something smoother and more melodic.

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In a surprise twist for 2021, Leicester R&B queen Mahalia has teamed up with Rico Nasty for her brand new single “Jealous”. Although Mahalia’s gentle delivery and Rico’s raucous, punk-fuelled output would normally stand in stark contrast against each other, the Cadenza-produced single finds an unexpected meeting point between the two. 

The icing on the cake is the visual from UK director Melody Maker. Filmed in tandem in their respective home countries, the video puts our protagonists in PVC leather as they recreate some of the most instantly recognisable shots from the 1998 crime film Belly, the directorial debut of legendary music video maestro Hype Williams that cast DMX and Nas in the starring roles.

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