Kelela Readies Deluxe Edition Of 'Cut 4 Me' With Remixes From Kingdom, NGUZUNGUZU & Girl Unit

Kelela fans get hype because you're going to get A LOT of new material this year.


Back in 2013, Kelela released her runaway full-length Cut 4 Me, which got everyone talking. It was one of the most successful releases of the year and one that crossed over into countless realms, earning respect and adulation from hip-hop, bass, grime and pop fans alike; all of whom agreed that, regardless of your opinion on R&B, Cut 4 Me was not to be ignored. Her cohorts at Fade To Mind, as you might expect, were equally smitten with the release and have decided to re-release it as an expanded edition with a host of extra remixes thrown in for good measure. Fade To Mind boss, Kingdom, has remixed a track (of course), as have Girl Unit, NGUZUNGUZU and Jam City, among others. The original was a digital-only release but, thankfully, the deluxe edition will see a comprehensive release, including vinyl and CD.

Kelela had this to say on the project:

"One of the best things about being part of this crew is that the producers have continued to explore and re-imagine Cut 4 Me. In the last year and a half the edits and remixes they've sent through have continually brought new life to the material, so much that I've often incorporated these versions into my live sets. I'm beyond happy that there's finally a tangible, touchable way to own the songs, remixes and the beautiful artwork."

What's more is she's also working on a new EP and a new album, reportedly with many of the producers featured on this deluxe edition of Cut 4 Me. Take a listen to Kingdom's "Destruction Before Paradise" mix of "Enemy", before the deluxe edition is released on April 6. 

[via FACT]

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