Jammer Shares "Hope Dealers", A Moving Tribute To The Late Black The Ripper

A fitting salute to one of UK music's most beloved creators.

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On Monday night, the music world was rocked by the devastating news that grime legend Black The Ripper had tragically passed away

The news quickly swept across social media sites and, unsurprisingly, a tidal wave of tributes began to pour in. Within a very short space of time it became very clear just how many lives the artist had touched with his music, his sense of humour, and his character.

Since his beginnings in the early 2000s, Black The Ripper—real name Dean West—forged a lot of close personal ties with many in UK music, including BBK's Jammer who has shared a poignant tribute to his late friend.

The tribute, titled "Hope Dealer", was co-produced by Jammer and Skully with Jammer delivering downtempo lyrics that run through the moments after he heard the news while also celebrating West's life. The video, which you can watch at the top, sees Jammer in his home, cooking at the barbecue and enjoying the important things in life: the company of his close friends and family.

Rest in peace, Dean West.

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