GoldLink and His Future Bounce

No, he's not rocking skinny jeans, Balenciaga kicks, and a some dope tee's he copped off SSENSE. No, he's not chasing strippers, sipping lean, or even burning tree. In fact, he's not fulfilling any pre-conceived stereotypes of what a rapper should be in the 21st century. In fact, what DMV recording artist GoldLink is doing though, is his crafting his own "future bounce."

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No, he's not rocking skinny jeans, Balenciaga kicks, and some dope tee's he copped off SSENSE.  Nor is he a dopeboy trying to go legit., In fact, he's not fulfilling any pre-conceived stereotypes of what a rapper should be in the 21st century.  What DMV recording artist GoldLink is doing though, is his crafting his own "future bounce."

The young artist emerged on my radar last August when he appeared on Pigeons & Planes with his take on Ta-Ku's "Electronic Relaxation."  Since then, GoldLink has earned himself a hefty buzz. A string of singles with progressively increasing numbers, rumors of Soulection action delivered,  and a signature sound and style so clearly needed in today's new game, GoldLink is perhaps one of the most buzzed about MCs right now.  So in a world where Cashmere Cat is doing tunes with Ludacris and A-Trak and Lex Luger are now the Low Pros, it only makes sense that a forward-thinking MC would come through and shine over future bass and funk revival vibes.  Or some chilled out trap.  Or some future bounce.

GoldLink operates a unique space. THE FADER calls it "dream rap."  GoldLink calls it "future bounce." His last release, "One Step Back" put those tags to the test - and delivered. The Soulection-released single perfectly embody a concoction of funk and soul smoothness, classic hip-hop vibes, and a bass-heavy low-slung groove, that all together make up the ever-evolving future bounce sound.  "Future bounce is still yet undefined, but I like to look at it as an uptempo bouncy sound with a very nostalgic feeling backed behind it. Imagine Montell Jordan's 'This is how we do it' on crack"

An exciting concoction of sounds from eras present and bygone, GoldLink's "future bounce" is a sound that's sure to make waves and take over in the near future.  With that in mind, we linked up with GoldLink to not get the scoop on his newest track his sound, and his upcoming debut project, The God Complex, but we also had to get a whole mixtape from the man himself.

So today alongside his personal DJ and DMV stalwart DJ Kidd Marvel has given us a special "Future Bounce" mix that's hosted by GoldLink.  The mix features a slew of tracks that together make up the growing future bounce sound, including three rare GoldLink remixes (one of which has not been previously released) and a spankin' brand new GoldLink original ("SWGO") with production from Orijanus.  Now dive into this and get the scoop, and get your bounce on.

So how did you link up with Galimatias and Joppe?  Did you get in the studio with them or was it via the internet?

A good friend of mine actually linked us up together through email. Galimatias & Joppe had the "One step back" beat ready to just put away in the vault to never come out, so my friend told me I should give it a try and they ended up loving it.

Lyrically, vocally, and flow-wise you definitely seem to take a lot of cues from a lot of different stars.  At different times you remind me of so many different rappers.  Are they any specific rappers or vocalists, that you've really tried to emulate and take inspiration from?

Nope, not at all. I don't have any idols, I owe it all to hardwork, dedication and competence. I fuck with Boosie and Biggavelli though. Other than that, nobody inspires me but me.

Thematically you also hit on a pretty diverse set of things.  You're not really dropping bars about double cups and turning up, as much as it has been about gettin' it on with that special someone or your personal struggles.  What is it that makes you take that route instead of doing the more, potentially commercially ready and club ready sounds?

Because that turning up "woo woo" shit is corny and fake. Literally all I rap about is shit that I've been through and seen...all of it. Everything from questioning society, to gangbanging, to messin around with women, to struggling (no struggle raps though), it's all authentic. I just simply rap about my life. More people should rap about reality.

Now sonically you're working with or have rapped over a lot of fusion hip-hop and electronic music styled beats. What is it about this music that you've gravitated towards?

It's very different, yet there's still a "hip-hop" bounce and element to the sound. So I use my voice as an instrument to fully complete a track to make the electronic styled music, music.

Are you into other styles like house, disco?  Electronic music as a whole or are you sticking more with this future bounce wave.  Like how did you get into electronic music in the first place?

I'm into literally ALL types of music man. I love music. I listen to everything from symphonies to the dirtiest trap bangers and I got into this future bounce music by internet surfing randomly two years ago and running into Sangobeats, that's my fucking nigga now. So, yeah, it's funny how shit works

And I know you caught a lot of eyes and mentions when you put out your takes on Kaytranada and Ta-Ku's beats. How exactly did you come up on those beats?  What was the thinking in using those?

The beats just click right away. Simple as that.

Can we expect more Goldlink x Soulection action?

Most definitely.

I know you've got your debut EP coming out very soon, The God Complex.  What can you tell me about that project?  Release date? label? independent?

The project is fucking amazing, you won't be disappointed, and there are no labels involved. Only God knows when this tape will be coming.

Are they any producers you're working with on The God Complex or otherwise you want to highlight?

Naw this shit was produced by the homies and my mans Louie Lastic.

Are you playing any shows at SXSW?

Absolutely, shoutout to my niggas holding me down for the stages. I'm playing A3C's Showcase, Soulection's, and my manager mentioned a few others in the works.


Goldlink - SWGO (Prod. by Orijanus)

Nas - You Owe Me (Ft Ginuwine) (Sango Edit)

Falcons- Vroom (Goldlink Remix)

Lindsey Lowend- GT40

StaRo- See Me At The Penthouse

Jessy Lanza - Kathy Lee

Kaytranada- ClubBang (Goldlink)

jeftuz- Spaced Out

Cosmo's Midnight- The Dofflin (Ta-Ku Remix)

Disclosure - January (Kaytranada Edition)

Quadron - Average Fruit [IAMNOBODI Remix]

Louie Lastic - ID

Ta-Ku & JMSN - Make It Last (Goldlink Remix)

BMB- Funk'Twerk

JayPreme- You

Young Dro - FDB (LAKIM Remix)

The L7'z - Breathe (Cheynsaw Remix)

StaRo- In Love

Kaytranada & Sango - Down4U

Ruddyp & Carling Ruse - Making Luv

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