Snoop Dogg Catches Heat for Holding Blunt in Front of Granddaughters

Some in the rapper's Instagram comments section assumed that he was smoking around the daughters of his son, Cordell.

Person greets child in a music studio filled with equipment
Person greets child in a music studio filled with equipment

Snoop Dogg caught some heat on Instagram for holding a blunt around two of his grandchildren.

In a video shared to the platform on Wednesday, the rap veteran was accompanied in a recording studio by his grandaughters Cordoba and Chateau Broadus, along with their parents, Cordell Broadus (Snoop's son) and Phia Broadus. Filmed dancing with his granddaughters, a few of Snoop's Instagram followers noticed that he was holding a blunt, although it appeared that it wasn't lit.

"Beautiful Princess," wrote one commenter, per HipHopDX. "put the smoke away grandfather respect them it’s not what you do it how you do it level up big dog to old for that."

"I agree with some people I wouldn't smoke in front of my family or grandchildren but mind your own family," wrote another Instagram user.

Now that it's been nearly 24 hours since the video was posted, it doesn't seem that Snoop's planning to remove it anytime soon. Besides, the Long Beach native has largely rebranded himself as family-friendly in the last decade, as he's started a cereal brand and a kids show titled Doggyland.

Although containing some expletives, Snoop also acted alongside children in the new sports-comedy, The Underdoggs, which premiered on Amazon Prime earlier this month.

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