Russell Simmons Faces New Rape Accusation in Lawsuit From Def Jam Exec

The Jane Doe in the suit alleges that her career was obstructed by Simmons.

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Russell Simmons faces another rape allegation, this time stemming from an accuser who worked at Def Jam in the 1990s.

According to a court filing, the "Jane Doe" plaintiff is suing Simmons for allegedly obstructing the advancement of her career due to harassment. In the '90s, Doe worked as a music executive and video producer at Def Jam. The lawsuit was filed in a New York City federal court on Tuesday under New York's Adult Survivors Act.

“Ms Doe’s career in the music industry was disrupted and derailed by a devastating experience at the hands of Mr Simmons," the suit reads.

The document goes on to say that the relationship between Doe and Simmons was initially professional, then allegedly turned violent. "Mr Simmons revealed his true colors and, through his assaultive behavior, disabled Ms Doe’s career at Def Jam, a job she loved, at the height of her success and financial viability," the suit continues.

The woman alleges that Simmons invited her to his apartment to approve a music video and that he tried to "wrestle" with her "in an attempt to appear playful," but that the meet-up "escalated into aggression" as Simmons pinned her down on his bed.

"Ms Doe repeatedly told Mr Simmons to get off of her, but he refused," the document states. "Mr Simmons proceeded to rape her."

The alleged incident led to Doe experiencing panic attacks, depression, and anxiety, all of which left her unable to perform her duties at Def Jam. Simmons reportedly persisted in harassing the woman at the label's Manhattan headquarters. The harassment allegedly went so far that a senior executive told Simmons to leave Doe's office.

"He would sit on her desk, lean over her, aggressively invading her personal space while making sexual innuendos, suggestions and advances, and rubbing the front of his pants," the suit continues.

Simmons has repeatedly called his encounters consensual with the women who've accused him of rape and harassment. Last year, Simmons appeared on In Depth with Graham Bensinger to deny the accusations he's faced, also claiming that he's taken nine polygraph lie detector tests.

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As for the "foursomes" with multiple women that Simmons claimed to have been a part of, he said that his "recollection" could have been different from the women who may have felt slighted or wanted "fame."

"Could someone leave and feel hurt? Could someone leave and feel they wish they hadn't? Could someone reimagine a story out of thousands of people? Could someone want notoriety in a market where people thirst for fame? Even infamous?" Simmons speculated.

Represented by Kenya Davis and Sigrid McCawley at Boies Schiller Flexner, Doe claims to have endured "monetary damages, physical injury, pain and suffering, and serious psychological and emotional distress." She seeks "an award of compensatory, consequential, exemplary, general, and punitive damages in an amount to be determined at trial."

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