Jermaine Dupri Reveals Yeat and Mariah Carey TikTok Mashup Led to Muni Long's "Made For Me"

Dupri keeps his attention on TikTok music trends, one mashup inspiring what would become the production of Muni Long's latest hit.

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Jermaine Dupri went through his throwback material to frame the production of Muni Long's latest hit, "Made For Me."

During a conversation with ASCAP during the 2024 Membership Meeting earlier this month, Dupri explained how the song was inspired by a Mariah Carey and Yeat mashup he stumbled across on TikTok. The mashup, known as "Stayed Together," mixes the production of Carey's "We Belong Together" and Yeat's "Stayed Together."

"If you take this song, the Muni Long record... I was watching TikTok and I saw this Yeat [and] Mariah Carey mashup. I saw it one time, and I saw it again and I start seeing it multiple times. I'm like, 'All this is a thing,'" Dupri told ASCAP. "And I saw these young kids–nobody older than 20, maybe–dancing like this was the newest song they ever heard in their life."

"At first, I thought, 'They trapped my Mariah beat out'...And I listen again, I'm like, 'This is the same drums I use.' It's the same beat, they just took Mariah off and put Yeat on here. It's nothing different, and these kids are acting like this is the freshest shit they ever heard in they life."

Eventually, the song became a new Muni Long classic, as the song peaked at No. 20 on the Billboard Hot 100.

"And then I get a call from Muni Long saying, 'We gonna put out the single that we did.' And I said, 'Well, wait. Let me do something to the beat.' 'Cause I did the song in L.A., but it didn't bounce the way y'all hear it now. Me watching TikTok and seeing the way the kids was dancing to the Mariah record, I said, 'Oh, so if I take my bounce that's in the Mariah record and put it in this Muni Long record, the same thing should possibly happen. And here we are."

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#Repost @ASCAP ・・・ 👀 A @mariahcarey x @yeat mashup on TikTok influenced @jermainedupri’s production on Muni Long’s “Made for Me”. “Me watching TikTok and seeing the way the kids was dancing to the Mariah record...I said ‘Oh, so if I take my bounce that’s in the Mariah record and I put it in this Muni Long record, the same thing should possibly happen.’ And here we are.” - Jermaine Dupri The track’s popularity soared on 🤳 TikTok, with countless videos featuring the captivating lyric, “Twin, where have you been?” 📈 “Made for Me” by Muni Long is now No. 1 on the Billboard Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay. 🎥 Discover the behind-the-scenes story of “Made for Me” in “The Confessions of Jermaine Dupri,” available for viewing on ASCAP’s YouTube Channel at the link in bio. #munilong #jermainedupri #yeat #tiktok #billboard #billboardcharts #mariahcarey #ascap

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In an interview with Complex, Long also credited TikTok for the viral success of "Made For Me." "We put it out the day after my birthday—Sept. 15 of last year—and TikTok just did its thing," she said, also shouting out content creators like @milck.marie and @justreubenj for their renditions.


Muni Long breaks down the viral rise of her song “Made For Me” and the help she got from creators like @milck.marie💋 and @Reubenj #munilong #madeforme #bluepajamagirl

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Even with the success of the song, Durpi shared some unfortunate news about its Grammy eligibility. "So I just got a message stating that the Muni Long record will not be eligible for next years Grammy Awards because it was submitted this year, you know how crazy that is !? The likelihood of me and Bryan producing another song of this magntitude might not ever happen again."

Tweet from Jermaine Dupri about a song's ineligibility for next year's Grammy Awards, expressing disappointment

To note, "Made for Me" was produced by Dupri, Bryan-Michael Cox, Chris Greene and Jordan XL.

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