Video: Wiki "Wikispeaks"

A new kid bringing a raw style from Manhattan.

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There's a lot happening in hip-hop right now. New camps are emerging every day, and with each new crew comes an assortment of styles. With so much new talent popping up and so many different things going on, it can be hard to stand out. This kid Wiki definitely stands out. He's got an in-your-face kind of delivery that might be grating to some, but he's also got an unhinged rawness and a knack for word manipulation that makes it hard not to pay attention.

The video for "Wikispeaks," off his 1993 project, gives a glimpse into the Manhattan rapper's style with a realness not too often captured in rap visuals. It feels more like a day in the life than a premeditated music video, and it has us thinking that Wiki might have what it takes to cut through all the noise and get himself heard. We're listening.

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