T.I. Ignores 50 Cent's Latest Twitter Criticisms

50 gives his opinion on how Tip should have handled the drug charges. Tip isn't interested in hearing it.

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When T.I. was arrested on drug charges, 50 Cent took to Twitter to address the situtation, sharing his opinion that T.I's wife Tiny should have taken the charge. In his recent interview with VIBE, T.I. reponded to 50 and anyone else who had something to say about his situation:

“I’ma tell you, 50 Cent and anybody else, we not gonna have no discussion about what my ole lady shoulda, woulda, couda done for anything as it pertains to me. We ain’t gonn’a do that. I’m the only one in my family that’s gonna take a lick when it pertains to the legal system. Since me, none of my other family members have seen a jail cell. Nobody. I’m the last one. The buck stops here. I feel that a person that stands behind [his woman for a criminal charge] is a coward anyway.”

Things couldn't end there. 50 Cent reacted:

"Man I just saw something T.I said in VIBE about a tweet I wrote when he caught his drug case. He just got out a jam and caught a new one. Any other time a nigga done. Get caught with 10 machine gun an silencer then catch a drug charge. You will f**k around and get natural life. This boy got a get outta jail FREE card. Don't get emotional over your lady. It a get you in some sh*t you don't want to be in. If U can get 5 years easy 4 some sh*t and I'm the support of my family. Why would it be wrong if ya lady had to take probation? Shit she ballin to lol"

T.I. obviously wanted no part in a back-and-forth about what could have happened. He tweeted one last short but effective message:

"Straight G code...No "TWEEFIN" here champ!!!! Peace 2da real og's we out!!!"

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