Pusha T Speaks On The Difference Between Kanye West and Pharrell

Pusha shares the difference between working with the two producers.

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Last month Pusha T was interviewed by Joe La Puma for Sneeze, and now some outtakes from the interview have been made available on Pusha's site. One of the most interesting parts comes when Pusha was asked about the difference between working with Pharrell and Kanye West. Here's what he had to say:

Working with P it’s like, by the time you get to the studio the track is there. And an idea is there and we might go back and forth to try and find the hook. With Kanye when I get with him it’s more of a blank canvas, starting from scratch. He has the idea beat-wise, he’ll give me that I’ll write to that, the part that I like lay it down. Then he takes it from me. And then he builds this whole roller-coaster ride around it. It’s more of a surprise because like I said you don’t know what he’s thinking. You don’t know what he hears, he hears shit you don’t hear, I know I’m going to run into a problem of demo-itis, where as like I’m married and in love with what I’ve heard, and he comes back and changes it.

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