Fiona Apple Album Confirmed For 2012

Remember her?

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Fiona Apple's debut album, released in 1996, went multi-platinum. Her follow-up went platinum. Her most recent release, 2005's Extraordinary Machine, went gold. Some of the decline can be attributed to time, and some to the decline of album sales in general, but Fiona has never been able to capture that magic that she created with her first album.

Even though she has stayed out of the spotlight for quite some time, people still get excited about Fiona Apple. She's kept an uncompromising attitude, and when she is around, she provides a much-needed edgy presence.

Good news for fans: Epic Records executive L.A. Reid has confirmed that there will be new music from Fiona Apple in the next few weeks, adding "Welcome back, Fiona" in a tweet that announced the news. What do you think? Can Fiona make a strong comeback or will her sales continue to fall?

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