Exclusive: Earl Sweatshirt Returns To New Roads High School Today

He's finishing his senior year.

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Last week Odd Future's missing link returned to the headlines when an Earl SweatshirtTwitter account appeared and he shared a new song. Even after hearing the new song, many people still had their doubts about whether or not Earl was actually back from Samoa. According to one student at New Roads school in Santa Monica, California, Earl Sweatshirt is indeed back, and he showed up for class this morning. The student, who wishes to remain anonymous, sent us this message:

"Thought you'd find it interesting, I go to New Roads in Santa Monica and Earl just showed up to finish his senior year and shit. Yea he just just came outta nowhere haha."

This hasn't been confirmed, but the news makes sense after seeing this tweet from Earl:

back to school on monday. baw. baw. baw.

New Roads describes itself as a "fully accredited K – 12 college-preparatory independent educational community," and students must go through an admissions process to get in. Their website states:

"New Roads is not for everyone. Our community is culturally and economically diverse, our teachers enthusiastic, demanding and passionate, and our program challenging, intriguing and fun. Our standards are high, our demands rigorous, but not always "bookish" or textbook-driven. We believe young people learn far more effectively when asked to solve complex puzzles and reflect thoughtfully on their work than when asked simply to recall."

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