Drake Confirms He's Planning A Mixtape With Rick Ross

Drizzy and Rozay are teaming up for a release.

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Drake's Take Care drops next week, but the Canadian rapper is already thinking about his next project. Instead of the joint album with Lil Wayne or the R&B album he's talked about in the past, Drake will be teaming up with Rick Ross for a collaborative mixtape. There's no official word on a release date, but Drizzy says that the tape will drop without a lot of warning or hype, so be on the lookout.

“I have been working on a mixtape with Ross. A mixtape called Y.O.L.O. [That means] ‘You Only Live Once’. I’ve been working on that for the last couple of weeks. We haven’t really connected because he’s been going through this thing with his health. I’ve been stashing my little beats and verses.”

[via XXL]

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